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all i want.........

all i want is a supportive family that helps me out, not one that talks shit and makes me feel down. c'mon mother, its been 6 fucking months with henry. whatever you have to say is not going to change the way i feel about him. im sorry that you feel that everything i do is "weird", but excuse me for being my own person. i dont need you to talk shit about what i do in my life. if im happy, you should be happy. dont worry, just because i am not on point on what YOU want me to do, doesnt mean im going to fuck up my life. i have a plan, and its going right on target. so back the fuck up.

all i want is my boyfriend. i swear to god, i haven't felt this before. i have never been so in love ever in my life. there is this intense connection with him, its crazy. even though my dumbass probably ruined it last night. henry, i am so sorry. but what i told you was the truth. i say this in all honesty, i meant what i said when i said i wanted to marry you. i still want to move out and move in with you. i want us to go to school and work and look after each other. smoke tons of weed and have a bunch of good times like we always do. i dont want that to change, i havent been so sure of something in my life.

all i want is a REAL friend. which is nearly impossible. there are always those friends that stick around for months, but i want one to stick around forever. is that too much to ask for? a friend that will have your back no matter what, and will always be there for you? im thankful for roxie, cuz shes been there for me for a couple of months now. but will it last? i guess we shall just see.

all i want is a fucking break yo.
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